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BROVI+ Freckle

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BROVI+ Freckle has a warmer base than regular Freckle pigment.

Color: brown-red chestnut for redhead girls with cool-toned skin

Base: orange

Color temperature: warm

Retention rate: high 80-90%

Application method: for brighter color can be mixed with Bitter Chocolate pigment

Application of dilutor: required

Reaction to laser: handles laser really well

Reaction to remover: good without side effects.

Volume: 10ml

Ingredients: Aqua, Hamamelis, CI 21095, CI 21160, CI 77266, CI 21290, CI 11741, CI 77891, CI 21108

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The brown-red pigment created specically for treatment of Fitzpatrick phototype I (Celtic). Suitable for very light/pale skin and pale skinwith freckles. Perfect for red-haired girls. Unlike the classical Freckle, it does not need to be mixed with other colors – you can use it as is. The pigment particles are nely dispersed. The ink is extremely liquid and requires dilution with a special diluent only to adjust the colorant concentration.

Specification: BROVI+ Freckle


10 ml



BROVI+ Freckle

Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $40.00. +HST

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