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Hanafy lips mini set

$250.00 +HST

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The set of Hanafy lip pigments will introduce you to the entire palette of colors in our line at a bargain price.

The volume of each bottle is 3 ml.

The set includes 10 pigments:
Lip Pigment #1 Coral
Lip Pigment #2 Rose
Lip Pigment #3 Peach
Lip Pigment #4 Cherry
Lip Pigment #5 Strawberry
Lip Pigment #6 Raspberry
Lip Pigment #7 Cranberry
Lip Pigment #8 Red Earth
Lip Pigment #9 Soft Beige
Lip Pigment #10 Barberry

Please note: set sells without box

Hanafy lips mini set
Hanafy lips mini set

$250.00 +HST

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